Freestyler 3

Let’s not mess about, this is a great plane. Probably a classic. Possibly one of the biggest steps forward F3F has seen.

I have a lot to thank t the Freestyler 3 for. After flying older airframes for a decade my flame for F3F was not burning brightly anymore. After a frustrating Welsh Open where the vintage plane I was flying simply wasn’t competitive I got hold of an old and bit bruised Freestyler 3.

What a revelation it was! The pilot feedback to changes in snap flap, CG, elevator was absolutely clear. No messing around feeling it out and trying to carefully sense the outcome using the force - bang, there it was, turn the dial and something clearly different happens.

And what a fun plane to fly! Handles beautifully in every type of flight. A really great all rounder. Not as fast outright as the Freestyler 4 in big air but (in my opinion) much more fun to fly.

The Freestyler 3 definitely reignited my passion for F3F and in that respect it is probably the most expensive plane I’ve ever owned! 

And the Freestyler family has a super power, the ballast, joiner and fuselages are interchangeable. That really is a clever decision that TUD should be applauded for!