Flash 04 modifications - digital heating controller

Replacing the heating dial with the digital version is one of the cheapest, easiest and most effective modifications we've done.

I suspect our original controller was either broken or not wired to the temperature sensor on the wall. Whatever the reason, when you put the heating on it would roar in life and stay at full bore no matter where the dial was set. As a result the van would get too hot so you'd turn it off, get to cold and repeat. The whole time the heating was on the fan would be at full speed and very nosiy.

After a bit of research I bought the digital replacement for about £55 which is the Eberspacher Airtronic D2/D4/D5 Heater Digital Controller/Modulator With Diagnostics 12v/24v 80110003 292100810003 Product Code: EBE292100810003.

The wiring instructions below are vital. With those it took about 30 mins to do. The digital controller also has a built in thermometer, so I got rid of the remote one on the wall which allowed me to get rid of the horrible quilted panel and free up some wall space too.

Now you simply set what temperature you want, it roars into life, heats up quickly and when it hits the right temperature the fan slows right down just to keep it at that temperature.  Perfect - controllable and quiet heat!

Chausson Flash 04 digital heating control wiring
Chausson Flash 04 digital heating control wiring