Flash 04 modifications

The modifications range from small and simple to a bit more complex. A summary or what the modifications and additions are and what they add is below with links to more details.

Changing the heating control to the digital version is cheap and easy to do and gives a much more controllable experience. 

Extending the gas cupboard to carry an additional 6kg cylinder eases gas anxiety and reduces gas waste to zero.

Adding a 150w solar panel to charge the leisure battery. If you plan to wild camp more than a few nights running, and use a fair bit of power for the TV, charging and so on then this is worth doing. There’s also a natural feel good feeling about getting free energy!

Adding a  TV and sound bar in a sensible place. You can add a decent size TV/DVD player with a bit of thought.

Adding an extra dashboard light to make up for the woefully dim Ford Transit instrument binnacle is easy and means you can actually see the trip computer and dials.

Making bungs to plug the grill vents to prevent the 

Habitation footwell door mat.

USB sockets everywhere.

Amazon car Alexa and new speakers

LED bulbs

Extra gas cylinder

Our van came with an 11kg cylinder. They last for ages but after a while you know it’s starting to run low and get conflicted emotions about the pain of running out mid meal compared with the irritation of knowing you’re giving away gas if you exchange it early.

The Flash 04 is a really fortunate design as you can easily and safely extend the gas cupboard into the garage to accommodate an additional 6kg cylinder without losing any meaningful garage space. This is far safer than carrying around a spare in your garage, where if it leaks the gas ends up in the living accommodation.

It was an afternoon’s work and was totally worth the effort.


150w solar panel

Words and photos soon.

Changing the heating control to the digital one

Words and photos soon.Chan

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