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Pike Pages

The Pike comes from the Czech Republic and is proving to be an extremely effective tool for winning F3F competitions. It has many National and International victories to boast.
In 1999 Samba, the manufacturers of the Pike, were good enough to build a new set of tip panels to my design. On its first competitive outing it manage to break the then World F3F Record with a time of 32.70 seconds. Following that the modified version went into production and became known as the Pike WR.
These pages have lots of historical data about Pikes and reflect my love of the plane and the continual improvement ethic of Samba.
The latest development is a prototype version of the WR with new wing and tail airfoils. As of 23/12/01 I am part way through installing the radio. More will follow soon...
Follow the links for:

MG06 Pike Prototype NEW
Pike WR review (brief) Pike Superior NEW
Pike WR review from QFI 49 (longer) Pike F3B/F3F 3-view
Pike review (old and not so brief) Pike WR 3-view
Pike Instructions (old but some reasonable advice) Pike Plus F3J 3-view

If you want a Pike contact Guy Taylor of Soarhigh Models.