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Acacia 3

Mini review by Ian Mason

Acacias first came to the UK at the Welsh Viking Race in 1998. They have always proved capable of winning races. After tinkering with the tail and wing span on the Acacia 2, the Acacia 3 is a radical design change.

Gone is the 3 piece RG wing and chunky fuselage.   In comes a crisply moulded 2 piece MH30 wing span and a new slim fuselage.  To me, it just looks right.  OK the fuselage looks cunningly similar to the Wizard/X 21/Aris but if you’re after a model with similar aims then you’re likely to get a similar result and these aren’t poor performing or looking machines by any stretch of the imagination.

The quality is excellent, with the 2 piece tail clicking snugly onto the fuz.  The tail is noticeably larger than the tail of the Acacia 1 and 2.  The wings themselves have an excellent finish, a look inside the wing reveals how neat and well made they are.  The wings slide smartly onto the joiner and fit perfectly against the shoulder mounted pylon.

Building is straight forward, the kit even includes wiring connectors that fit perfectly into the fuselage moulding.


So how does it fly? Wonderfully!  The new larger tail gives the model excellent tracking and ‘pointability’ that previous Acacias just never managed.  In light air the tail pulls the Acacia trough the turns positively and precisely.  Like all Acacia’s this one reacts quickly to lift and revels in bigger air, where the wing rips around the turns.

Sport flying in good conditions has a smile guaranteed - combine excellent energy retention, roll and elevator response and what you get is fun and not a hint of the dreaded Acacia flick.

The Acacia is undoubtedly a racing thoroughbred that’s capable of winning races.  What is surprising is that for a model that enjoys being flown so aggressively is that it’s so easy to fly.


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