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Important note!
No offence is meant, if any has been taken please let me know, mainly for the purposes of my own amusement.

If your photo doesn't appear here it doesn't mean I don't love you, I probably just haven't got a decent photo, or may be I don't love you :-)
I have a number of updates planned, so look out!


knewt3.jpg (20118 bytes)

Kevin Newton
Although English, Kevin currently lives in Wales. Despite living next to some of the best slopes in the world Kevin cannot actually fly a plane unassisted. He started going to F3F races as a groupie until he realised the innate corruptibility of most CD's. Spending the huge subsidies paid by the government to keep people in Wales on bribery has allowed Kevin to "win" a number of races.

Marcel Guwang

Where does one start describing Marcel...
Perhaps the awesome MG series of wing sections?
Maybe talking about his bright personality, which means he's never short of friends?
What about his exceptional piloting ability?

No, lets start by sharing his terrifying secret with the world... Marcel holds a German passport...

marcel.jpg (33303 bytes)
roman.jpg (38451 bytes)

Roman Vojtech

Roman, aka Lomcovak, is completely bananas.
This is by far the most sensible photo I could get of him, you don't want to know about the others!

As well as Roman's obvious skills of flying, drinking, giggling and web design he possesses a unique approach to diplomacy. Apparently the United Nations are seeking to use his subtle forehead and T shirt approach to negotiations in Iraq. God help us all...

Seriously though, he's a great bloke, if you get the chance to meet him, take it. If he offers you a drink, run like the wind and don't ever look back :-)  

Charlie MacMurray
Quite simply, Charlie is a good guy. The picture captures Charlie at the Reno Air Races assisting the photographer by directing him towards the aircraft overhead.
Shy and quiet, Charlie is well-known for his anti-firearm views, his fear of water and his total aversion to displaying body parts in public.  

chuck.jpg (40546 bytes)

Richard Frawley
Australian Richard started flying F3F in Britain. He's a gifted natural pilot who's famous for his tolerance and complete adherence to every rule, no matter how trivial. Despite his able-bodied appearance Richard has profound selective deafness. Tragically, phrases such as "you can't fly there" and "you can't do that" are wasted on his deaf ears. Spare your sympathy though as Richard has astounded physicians with with bat-like sensory perception when it comes to phrases like "this'll be a laugh" or, as the photo shows, "can anyone help me fit this wing in my car".

Espen Torp
Norwegian Espen has a list of victories anyone would be proud of. Consecutive Viking Race wins, numerous Norwegian titles, World F3B distance record holder and until recently he held the F3B speed record also. Espen combines Richard's natural ability with massive experience and a gift for lateral thinking. For a Viking he also has a remarkably good sense of humour as can be seen in the photo where he is captured partaking of his number two sport of Gnome impersonating

Joe Wurts
I don't know enough about Joe's competition record to begin to do it justice. Suffice to say he is one of the very, very best. I met him for the first time this year (1999) and was impressed with his obvious flying skill but also by his laid back approach. The photo is a study of Joe DS'ing at Parker on a 150mph+ day, the body language says it all.

Jan Hansen
Danish Jan flew consistently very well in the 98 Viking Race to stay close to the leaders and when his air came through in the last few rounds he flew it faultlessly to set a new record of 32.97 seconds and win the competition. He is another flyer with a most excellent sense of humour. The photo shows him getting the Viking Horn!

John Phillips
John from England is another exceptionally gifted natural pilot. John was the 1998 BMFA F3F League winner. In Britain we have many pilots capable of winning F3F competitions but far less capable of winning the league. Well done John.
Yet again John is a flyer blessed with a great sense of humour, which given his propensity for the occasional splat is probably for the best. In fact, I'd be prepared to wager that John has grazed more hills than a nomadic cow.

davewoods.jpg (7780 bytes)

Dave Woods
Dave from England is a sensational pilot. I don't recall seeing a more entertaining "hot dog" flyer. Dave won the '98 Winter F3F League using a V Ultra Pico, rumour has it he's in line for one of the new Fischer models. Dave is well known for his gadgetry ranging from aerial photography to on board telemetry in his Ellipse 2V. Another pilot whose wit you don't want to be on the wrong end of.

Pierre Rondel

Pierre is from France, yet he is a gifted pilot, an excellent RC columnist and fun to be around. He has won the French F3F League several times and held the French F3F record for many years with a 33... he did at VR98 using a Cobra he'd only previously test flown.

If it has wings and glides Pierre has probably owned it, flown it, written about it and sold it. His Website at is superb.

John Bennett
John from England is a highly gifted pilot who flies with an incredible amount of discipline. He has won just about every aerobatic trophy he's gone in for and has the distinction of being the only person I know of to fly a 34.. F3F run including a loop! In the old days in school when captains picked teams John would have been one of the first I'd pick, brilliantly fast and totally dependable. Unfortunately he's hideously ugly, this was the best photo I could find. VBG

John McCurdy
John from England is an accomplished F3F flyer. He won the UK league back in '96 or was it '97 and even on the occasions he's not winning his aggressive flying always makes him one to watch. For several years John flew closer to the hill than anyone without so much as a graze. Unfortunately eco-friendly John got wind that ace model repairer Roger Blake was building a European mountain of micro-balloons and he made it his personal crusade to rid the world of this evil. To stop Rogers supplies fowling the planet John has had to regularly make large holes in his planes needing Roger's team of JCBs to work day and night to fill them with micro balloons.
johnmc.jpg (5814 bytes)
Simon Thornton
English Simon is one of the most complete pilots currently flying RC gliders. He has arms, legs and everything. He also had a set of golden bo***cks but seems to have misplaced them of late.VBG. In his first full year at F3F Simon won the UK league. Also having represented GB at World champs level both at F3B and F3J Simon has a wealth of experience. His flying and organisational skills make him an asset to any team as he has a rare mix of aggression, discipline and raw natural ability, but enough of his organisational skills. It's a testament to his flying skills that he remains the man to beat even during the time he has been running the F3F league.
Steve Cooper
Steve from the UK is known by a number of other names. The Joker, the bad influence and the bearded git spring to mind. My wife has several other suggestions but here is not the best place for that kind of language. Steve is a good pilot but his concentration span of below 9 nano-seconds has to date limited his competition success. Like a Gremlin in many ways, he also comes with a set of instructions. 1. Do not let him know your weaknesses. 2. Do not listen when he starts a sentence "I have an idea..." 3. Most important of all do not, I repeat do not ever, order a plane using this man as a go between.
Evil One
Eric Morrey
Eric from England stands taller than many buildings and drives around in glassfibre sports cars. He is a talented thermal pilot and has achieved many racing successes using his own design "Fluffy". There were times that people said Eric won races because of Fluffy but several years and several repairs later I'm sad to say that when Eric now wins a race it's despite Fluffy! Eric has got a replacement on the board but it's been there so long it has roots. Eric's specialised subjects include beer, cars, beer and beer. Note: Eric is a founder member of Team CAC.
vic.jpg (42285 bytes) Vic Eldridge
An Eldridge is a highly energised critter with a penchant for inhaling entire desserts and Rambo impressions. In warm climates the Eldridge is known to traverse vast distances in search of errant little rascals. Failure to remain alert in the presence of an Eldridge can lead to extended participation in table top ball sports.
Tim Cone
Although it may not be apparent from the photograph Tim is actually an American. Despite his almost British appearance he has a tendency to lapse into phrases like "The useless pommie bastards" and "You are the man!" which linguistic experts tell me associate him with the inhabitants of the US. Tim flies bigger toys at "work" but I am lead to believe in a rather less exuberant manner. Friends and family have tried to discourage his affinity for the Cooper but I fear he is lost already. Remember the rules Tim, they're your only chance.
Team Swillers
Left is Ken Woodhouse, middle Karl Pashley and pasted on from a different photo is Mark Passingham. Why pasted? Well, like our Royal Family, the Swillers are never seen outdoors together. This is not to ensure the continuation of the line it is simply because one of the three is always getting fresh lager. In fact if you look behind Ken the original photo shows Mark getting some cans from their temporary bar. Don't let the casual barbecue and beer approach fool you. These guys can fly, they all have PB's of 37 seconds or less and they all know their stuff. The existence of the mythical fourth Swilller has long been debated, the truth is out there.
daman.jpg (13243 bytes) Tom Copp
You may recognise Tom from his TV appearances as a hair double for Jennifer Anniston. He is captured here warming up for his big break in a Loreal advertisement. At weekends Tom can be found soaring the slopes of California letting his hair down away from the stresses of his busy TV career. In addition to his talented hair Tom's thumbs (VBG) have made him a race winner. He won his first F3F race against some experienced opposition. Do not be fooled by the tree hugging hippy appearance, this guy kicks ass.


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