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Links / Products

These are vendors that I use myself and have been impressed with.

Air Outdoors Excellent outdoor gear.  You can't beat a bit of Rab.
Andy's Very reliable German dealer. Particularly good for radio gear.
Becker aerials At 30+ they are crazy expensive, and they don't last forever but I can't fly with anything else, so much so I always carry a spare.  Get yours from Barry Cole at
Bushill Engineering Brass ballast, custom made to your specifications at a sensible price.
Cubitts Models UK source of servo frames and much, much more.
ET-Air Some of the best models around.
F3X Great models, very competitively priced JR dealer and quick service. Perfect gunk-free, wing retention tape and excellent gap seal tape.
Jess Nicholls Good scale stuff.
ModelPower Excellent UK source of electric bits, batteries etc.
Samba Home of the Pike family. Excellent quality and design. Great products, great service and great prices. Acacias, Stings, Bananas - classic planes at great prices.
Smartmodel Our good F3F friend Kin from Hong Kong has a great range at great prices Great products, great service, go there.
South Coast Sailplanes X'Race, Sonic, Voltij, Bananas - what more could your want?
t9hobbysport Some of the best planes you can buy in the UK.. Excellent service with excellent products.
Volz servos Volz digital Wing Maxx are the best 10mm servos for F3X applications.
VV Model If you don't already have a Viking you should at least be on the waiting list.