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A new PB and UK record

Quite a few years ago when I was testing a prototype Pike with foam tip panels I hit a rather neat piece of air, didn't bugger it up too much and managed to grab a 32.70, which at the time was a new world record.  Hence the plane became the Pike WR.  Ever since then I've had a whole bunch of 33s - around 15 - but never had the air to get a new PB or WR. 

At last that changed the other week when, totally out of the blue, seven legs of awesome air gifted me a 30.94.  The climb out was okay. the first two legs were average to good, the next seven were like a dream come true and then it died at the end.  I have to say I was really glad I was flying the Ascot as it's just superbly controllable at speed.  Had I been flying something else those seven legs could have gotten somewhat out of shape, but the Ascot stayed on very fast rails.  Just a shame the lift didn't last the distance and turn Mr Cantero into Mr Grumpy ;-)  

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