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Jokes (adults only)

Please do not read any of these jokes if you are offended by bad language or any of the ism's known to man, especially sexism. If you are a woman please bear in mind none of what follows is of my creation, I am simply sharing this trash as an example of the depraved kind of e-mails I have to endure. I have not given any "credit" for the contributions for obvious reasons. There is also the less obvious reason that I can't remember who sent me what. If anyone does take offence then it serves you right, you've been warned...
N.B. Some of the most amusing (read insulting) have been left out in case of legal action by the French, Americans, English, Welsh, Spanish, Italians, Scottish, Germans, Indians, Australian, Norwegian or Irish. It doesn't mean they weren't appreciated though, so keep 'em coming.

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